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This weekend sore the start of trial games in Broken Hill Soccer, the vast improvements to the fields has lifted the standard of play substantially with young players more confident on the ball which created a cleaner and faster games. Some junior players who last year lacked confidence were seen doing combination plays, clean sharp passes and teams maintaining positions with precise passes sometime stringing together up to 7 passes without the opposition touching the ball, it was very pleasant to watch. The senior competitions look like they are going to be much closer across the board this season in womens and mens grades. The board thanks the referees who gave their time freely today so that members could enter the grounds for free. Frank Napoli is to be thanked for filling in when sufficient referees were unavailable, refereeing back to back senior games in quite hot conditions well done Frank!

Tipping Tally 69 Members


Celtic 450
Broken Hill West Panthers 326
St Josephs 220


tom kennedy 68
Lissa Fletcher 61
David Inglis 60
Isabella Inglis 56
thomas kennedy 56
Hamish Inglis 56
Noni Inglis 56
Ronald Tumes 55
claudia Kennedy 55
Julian Mann 55
Noel Passlow 54
Tania Roberts 54

Johnny Warren Cup Broken Hill read more

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